Women & Worthiness

Exploring the connection between worthiness, depression and anxiety was the topic of our April Wholeness Series Event “Women & Worthiness.”

Psychologist Gemma Stone provided all the lovely ladies in attendance with a thought provoking talk on exploring our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions that lead to our current reality. Gemma has graciously provided a Circle of Reality worksheet for you to explore how this is affecting your mental health and feelings of worthiness.

Testimonials from the event

“This was a very eye-opening talk by Gemma. I am inspired to explore more on healing.” ~ Michelle S

“It was uplifting to be in a room of peers and not feel alone.” ~ Kristina M

“Gemma was amazing… the information she shared was perfect!” ~ Leanne M

“Belonging to a group of caring women feels like coming home.” ~ Yvonne B

Thank you to our Gift Sponsors

Splurge Flowers. Gemma Stone. Nubare Skincare. Vin Room. Kari Dunlop – Young Living.

Thank you to our Spring Wholeness Series Sponsors

Women & Worthiness

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