This monthly live series is created with the intention of providing ongoing education, resources, inspiration, hope and connection. Embracing a whole approach to women’s physical and mental health, speakers will present a variety of topics including, but not limited to: mindfulness, hormonal education, alternative therapies, nutrition and much more.

What if I'm not in perimenopause yet, can I attend? What if I'm on the other side of menopause, can I attend? I want to learn about what my wife is going through, can men attend?  Yes, Yes, Yes! The Wholeness Series is available to anyone interested in wholeness, well-being and educating themselves on how to lead a healthy life.


"Belonging to a group of caring women feels like coming home." ~ Yvonne B

"This group is a safe place to be vulnerable, truthful and courageous alongside other women. It has transformed me."
~ Jennifer F

"Perimenopausal Babes is a real gift. It's wonderful to have a group of supportive women to share one's experience with."
~ Charlene C


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