Sex and Vaginal Health for the Perimenopausal Woman

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As women mature and hormone imbalances begin, muscles and tissues aren't as strong and need to be looked after!

Our guest speaker for our June Wholeness Series event, Jessica Tsang, WOWed us with her passion and knowledge about a topic many of us are not willing or too embarressed to talk about.

Maintenance for your Vagina

  • Exercise: You need a healthy pelvic floor: pelvic floor exercises, kegels, pelvic floor physiotherapy
  • Stimulation - Jessica strongly encourages regular self pleasure, you need to know how to please yourself before your significant other can please you. If you do not use it, you will lose it (discussed vaginal atrophy)
  • Moisturization - You put lotion on your skin, you need to moisturize your vagina. Here is an article for more information CLICK HERE - this article covers much of what Jessica discussed: Ring, Creams and CLICK HERE for a video Jessica shared about the O Shots.

There are three types of lubricants (every vagina is unique so one type may work for one person, but not for another):

  1. Oil based
  2. Silicone (note they could ruin your toys!)
  3. Water

Sex and Stimulation
Open communication with your partner is so important. Women need Foreplay, actually there should be a class "Foreplay for Men!" Jessica shared this great article "Husband's Guide to Great Sex after Menopause." Everything needs to be lubed up before anything goes inside. You could say "I'm not pushing you away, I just need you to get me ready."

Testimonials from the event

"Great topic! Great to open a tough conversation up - I was a prescription for sex!" ~ Christine

"The openness of Jessica and the group; the ideas shared in the group has been a great medium to share in a safe place." ~ Charlene

"These events are so open! You can ask questions and not be judged. You can be yourself."
~ Tina

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Thank You to our Swingin Supporters

Mood swings can leave a perimenopausal woman and everyone around her on edge. Receiving gifts usually lifts a mood. Huge thanks to our Swingin Supporters for providing these wonderful gifts for door prizes.

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Sex and Vaginal Health for the Perimenopausal Woman

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