Meditation & Mindfulness for Perimenopause

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Research has shown that meditation and mindfulness can give women significant relief from hot flashes, night sweats, and also help with insomnia, anxiety and stress.

Our guest speaker for our May Wholeness Series event, Bev Janish, shared with us how meditation and mindfulness changed her life.

Many women present felt that Bev was talking right to them, being able to relate to her story and what they are going through right now. Here are a few resources to get you started on your meditation and mindfulness journey.

Meditation and Mindfulness FAQs answered HERE.

The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation includes simple instructions to set up a 5-minute/day meditation practice, an audio recording, and link to the insight timer for thousands of free guided meditations. You can either sign up for my email list to get the guide or download it directly without having to join Bev's email list. CLICK HERE

Testimonials from the event

"Great night listening to a wonderful, warm, genuine speaker. Looking forward to the next talk."
~ Lynn N

"This was a great event, and completely in line with what I needed to hear this week. Thank you!" ~ Christine K

"This group gives a voice to those things we think is our struggle alone, but in sharing we are not alone." ~ Gail L

"Do yourself a favour and become a Perimenopausal Babe!" ~ Shauna B

Thank You to our Spring Wholeness Series Sponsors

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Thank you to our Swingin Supporters

Mood swings can leave a perimenopausal woman and everyone around her on edge. Receiving gifts usually lifts a mood. Huge thanks to our Swingin Supporters for providing these wonderful gifts for door prizes.

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Kari Dunlop/Lee Horbachewski - Young Living
Crystal Bath Balms from Christine

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Meditation & Mindfulness for Perimenopause

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