Mood Swings vs Clinical Depression

The only sound that muffled out my sobs was the rain pelting against the window on a dark, dreary July day. I lay there in bed in my dark bedroom, feeling lost, hopeless and petrified. Mood swings have been a regular part of my life for the past year or so thanks to perimenopause. This […]

Sex and Vaginal Health for the Perimenopausal Woman

As women mature and hormone imbalances begin, muscles and tissues aren’t as strong and need to be looked after! Our guest speaker for our June Wholeness Series event, Jessica Tsang, WOWed us with her passion and knowledge about a topic many of us are not willing or too embarressed to talk about. Maintenance for your […]

Meditation & Mindfulness for Perimenopause

Research has shown that meditation and mindfulness can give women significant relief from hot flashes, night sweats, and also help with insomnia, anxiety and stress. Our guest speaker for our May Wholeness Series event, Bev Janish, shared with us how meditation and mindfulness changed her life. Many women present felt that Bev was talking right […]

Women & Worthiness

Exploring the connection between worthiness, depression and anxiety was the topic of our April Wholeness Series Event “Women & Worthiness.” Psychologist Gemma Stone provided all the lovely ladies in attendance with a thought provoking talk on exploring our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions that lead to our current reality. Gemma has graciously provided a Circle […]

NeuroTrition for Perimenopause

Who wouldn’t want to know how to learn simple ways to incorporate nutrition into their lives in order to reduce unwanted symptoms of perimenopause? Our very first Wholeness Series event with Neuroscientist and Nutritionist, Orsha Magyar, Founder and CEO of NeuroTrition Inc., provided our sold out group of ladies (and one man) invaluable information, tips […]

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